Hans Ehlert
IRLP: 3336
AllStar: 28190
EchoLink: 246180
Grid: DM14
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Welcome To The Home Of AE6TV In Grand Terrace CA.
At a young age my father introduced me to the wonders of electricity. Miniature electric trains became my hobby for several years. I then went on to building shortwave receivers and test equipment kits. Then I was introduced to the CB Radio in 1978. So confining, I knew there had to be something better?


What a fascinating hobby. I had to get in to that and earned my Novice call (KA9RGV) in 1982. Not being to happy with CW only, I upgraded to a Tech Plus License in 1986. I operated on 2 Meter simplex and local repeaters until I got my General License in 1996. "HF", a new experience of building antennas, erecting and climbing towers, stringing wires all over the yard to make that distance contact. After moving from Illinois to California and the FCC dropped the CW requirement, I earned my Amateur Radio Extra Class License in 2006 and changed my call to AE6TV. I have had lots of fun making several thousand contacts all over the world and have made many friends who send me e-mails every day.

With antenna restrictions in bedroom communities, IRLP has become very popular. It gives the Amateur Radio Operator worldwide and practically noise free communication from a handheld transceiver.
I am the proud owner of a Micro-Node / Motorola Quantar Repeater located at 5300 feet on Sunset Ridge (San Dimas, CA). It covers the Los Angeles Basin, Orange County and the Inland Valley. In my travels, I use a mobile Mini Simplex Micro-Node with a cellular broadband card.

The Micro-Node International Team developed an exceptional small IRLP node with a unique software package. The software allows controlling the equipment not only from your DTMF pad, but with a web browser any place in the world with internet access.

I am spending a lot of time on IRLP, however I still work HF contacts every day. Some of my hardcore HF friends think IRLP (Internet RADIO Linking Project) is not Amateur Radio. Get with the times, you still must use a Radio, and it has great potential for emergency communication.

Thank you for looking at my website and I can only hope you enjoy Amateur Radio as much as I do.

  73" Hans - AE6TV
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